ART+COM Studios designs and develops new media installations and spaces.

We use new technology as an artistic medium of expression and as a medium for the interactive communication of complex information. In the process, we are improving the technologies constantly and exploring their potential for spatial communication and art.

ART+COM ART designs media sculptures and installations that have an effect on their respective locations, giving them their identity — beyond their function and architecture. Our art projects are both commissioned for public space and produced on our own initiative.

ART+COM COMMUNICATION designs and implements media installations and spaces that impart complex content in a targeted manner and turn information into an engaging experience. We create exhibits for exhibitions, museums and brand spaces.

ART+COM RESEARCH explores new media and its applications both independently and in co-operation with companies and academic institutions.

The basis for all three areas is ART+COM DEVELOPMENT, which develops unique, innovative and stable technological solutions for complex and media exhibition systems, exhibits and digital applications.

ART+COM e.V., founded in 1988, is today ART+COM Studios, working internationally for clients in business, culture and research.

Media designers, media artists, IT developers, tech people, programmers, communications and product designers, scientists, engineers and project managers all work hand in hand at ART+COM Studios. Projects are developed from their individual contexts in small, multidisciplinary teams brought together. We are motivated by our ambition to push boundaries and, together, to create the new.

ART+COM Studios has been a non-listed company (AG) since 1998, owned mainly by its employees, former ART+COM e.V. members and board members, the latter being Andreas Wiek and Joachim Sauter. Andreas Wiek has been the Chairman of ART+COM AG since 2000. Joachim Sauter was a co-founder of ART+COM and is Head of Design at ART+COM Studios. He has been Professor of Design at the University of Arts in Berlin since 1991, and in 2001 took up the position of Professor of Media Design and Art at UCLA, California.