At the ART+COM Studios in Cologne and Berlin, we use new media to design and develop installations, objects and spaces in both analogue and digital format. We create environments that allow people to enjoy experiences that would otherwise be unimaginable in everyday life.

We use new technology as a means of artistic expression, as a medium for interactive communication and for sensory experiences. We augment the visitors’ capabilities and show them new ways to interact with the world. Enabling people to do this is what drives us. 

ART+COM designs media sculptures, installations and interventions that give their respective locations an identity – going beyond their function and architecture. Our art projects come into being through commissions for public spaces and private initiatives, as well as through our own motivation.

ART+COM conceives and creates media installations and spaces that vividly correlate complex content in tangible experiences. We design analogue and digital exhibits, brand spaces, exhibitions and museums that captivate visitors and inspire them to interact. 

We see our research and development work as a source of inspiration and a basis for experimentation when designing innovations. We also use it as a decision-making tool when we look for cutting-edge interfaces and new forms of interaction and communication. By taking this approach in previous projects, we have created generative applications and computational reflectives. It has also helped us find new solutions in augmentation and interactive surfaces.

Originally founded in 1988 as the registered association ART+COM e. V., today ART+COM works for international clients from industry, culture and research.

At the ART+COM Studios, colleagues from the areas of media design, media art, IT development, programming, communication and product design, science, engineering and project management work hand in hand. Projects are developed in interdisciplinary teams working from their different perspectives. Together, we strive to push boundaries and create something new.

ART+COM has been an unlisted company (AG) since 1998. It is owned by former members of ART+COM e. V., its employees and the board. Andreas Wiek has been the Chairman of ART+COM AG since 2000. Joachim Sauter was a founder member of ART+COM. He was our Head of Design and a board member until 2021.